A Video Guide to Fitology

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To all friends of Fitology. Many of you have visited us in the past have expressed difficulty in locating us. Unfortunately, the authorities decided to give two not connected roads in Bangsar the same name and this has led to a lot of confusion. We are located on the other Jalan Riong, not the same as the road where NST is on. To help guide all who will eventually decide to visit safely to our place, we created a short video which clearly shows the way. Take a couple of minutes to view this guide before making your way here. You will save a lot of time and avoid a frustrating search.

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Visual Guide to Fitology


  • Lee Choong Woh - 80yrs

    Feel alert and energetic after my first 360 session at Fitology. The exercise, FIR and massage has loosened up my leg, back and shoulder muscles. Even my eyesight is sharper!

  • Joanne Kay - 31

    Enjoyed my 2nd session today at Fitology! I feel damn good & burned maximum fat with the least amount of effort! Losing 15kg in 3mths is POSSIBLE!.

  • Joanne Kay - 31

    I love the 1 hour full body sports recovery massage!!! Its my treat today for burning 337kcal during my 30min personal trainer workout + 200kcal in the FIR. TOTAL= 537kcal burned today!