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Teaching an “Old Dog” New Tricks.

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Octogenarian’s Experience

Article Borrowed from 80andFit -Lee Choong Woh

I was looking forward to my first session at Fitology. As a big believer of taking charge of one’s health, and staying fit, regardless of age, I was keen to find out how Fitology’s fitness without fatigue programme would benefit me. As it was, I had been working up a sweat by taking brisk walks coupled with callisthenic exercises, three- to five-times a week. So the Fitology 360 session would definitely be an interesting experience, but would it be effective?

My Fitology session began with a fifteen-minute registration and intro with Fitology’s front desk. After putting my things down in my private 360 room, their staff sat down with me to get my basic details, medical and health background as well as my health goals for the mid-term. Then it was straight to the 30-minute work out.

Bruce, my personal trainer, guided me through some warm ups to get my joints moving and my heart rate going. After Bruce’s careful explanation of how to perform each exercise, I was put to my first challenge – the Arc Trainer. The elliptical movement of the Arc Trainer was comfortable for me but within five minutes, my thighs and calves felt like they had done a tougher workout than my one-hour walk in the park, and for certain I was sweating a lot more!

Then, it was a three-minute session on the Water Rower and a stint with the Jacob’s Ladder. It took me a while to understand how to use the Water Rower and the Jacob’s Ladder. Both copied everyday movements, but it has been a while since I was in a boat and on a ladder, and my coordination was put to the test. For sure, it felt like my brain was getting worked out as much as my body!

Next up was 30 minutes in the Far Infrared (FIR) sauna. Interestingly, it felt a lot less hot and steamy than ordinary saunas, which meant that I could relax and read a magazine. However, the end effect was the same. I was sweating profusely and had consumed a whole bottle of water in that 30-minute period.

After a delicious juice drink, I was given the best 60-minute massage I’ve had for a long time, in fact it was the first massage I’ve had in a long, long time. My masseur worked his magic on my calf and thigh muscles, which were in agony, and also on the soles of my feet – for many years they were very sensitive and tender due to some previous medical treatments. All in all, I felt a lot lighter after my session, so much so that the staff commented that my face looked “brighter” and my shoulders more relaxed.

Post first workout, brought some interesting and unexpected results. As expected, I felt like I had a good workout and my muscles, particularly my calf and shoulder muscles, were a lot more relaxed.

As explained by Fitology’s staff, I also felt some side effects from the FIR session – my head felt slightly heavy and I had some tension in my facial muscles around my eyes. But, what was surprising was my flexibility had improved as did my stamina. I went two days later for my usual one-hour walk in the park, and managed to complete the number of rounds ahead of my normal time. What’s more, the squats were easier to perform.

My energy levels seem to have increased as well. No more afternoon naps for me, as I feel less drowsy and sleepy throughout the day. Also, my eyesight has improved. I’m an extremely happy man!

You Burn Calories, We Give Calories

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We are excited to announce the formation of our long term Corporate Social Responsibility program designed to be a win for all in involved.

Calories for Calories

Exercise is usually a selfish activity. We exercise to burn calories to lose weight, to get fitter and healthier. We do it for ourselves. We aim to change all that with the introduction of our Calories for Calories campaign. Our unique Fitology fitness process is a proven effective calorie burner. Our members experience higher than average calorific burn through our combination of active and passive burn sequences, and we have decided to put all these used (access) calories to good use.

To make exercise in Fitology more meaningful, through the Calorie for Calorie initiative, we will convert all those burnt energy into real food products that will be given to the under privilege communities of Malaysia. The more you burn, the more we give.


100 members exercising twice a month, each burning an average of 30o calories per session will equal 240,000 calories loss.

240,000 calories is equal to:
68 kilograms of RICE or
2857 EGGS, or
358 litres of MILK, or
200 kilograms of CHICKEN.

Starting is the Hardest

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The single biggest hurdle for any one leading a sedentary life is the motivation or the will to start exercising. Even in small doses, your brain will likely give you a million reasons why you should do something else instead. Unfortunately that something else usually means staying on the couch surfing channels instead of hitting the real waves. There is no easy way to say this, but if you want to get fitter, and if you want to lead a happier healthier life, then you will have to kick some butt. YOUR’S.


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  • Lee Choong Woh - 80yrs

    Feel alert and energetic after my first 360 session at Fitology. The exercise, FIR and massage has loosened up my leg, back and shoulder muscles. Even my eyesight is sharper!

  • Joanne Kay - 31

    Enjoyed my 2nd session today at Fitology! I feel damn good & burned maximum fat with the least amount of effort! Losing 15kg in 3mths is POSSIBLE!.

  • Joanne Kay - 31

    I love the 1 hour full body sports recovery massage!!! Its my treat today for burning 337kcal during my 30min personal trainer workout + 200kcal in the FIR. TOTAL= 537kcal burned today!