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Establishing a Starting Point for Your Fitness Journey

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As in any journey, it is important to have a reference point before charting your course. Your fitness journey with FITOLOGY starts with a complete body analysis with the Biospace InBody “Body Composition Analyser”. A painless 3 minute scan provides our Trainers with essential data of your body composition to develop a tailored exercise regime specifically for you.

Monthly scans will reveal your progress and new goals can be made.

The InBody Analysis reveals, among others:

  • Your Weight
  • Dry Lean Mass & Lean Body Mass
  • Body Fat Mass
  • BMI (Body Mass Index)
  • PBF (Percentage of Body Fat)
  • Segmental Lean Analysis
  • BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate)

By having the right data and understanding what your body composition is, we can set more accurate fitness goals and plan

Complete Fitness In Bangsar

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The team has been busy fine-tuning our unique brand of complete fitness over the past few months and we are almost ready to bring this unique concept to you. Our beta testers have reported impressive calorie burn with minimal effort. With just 30 minutes of moderate exercise with a dedicated personal trainer and then continuing the session in our FIR therapy saunas for a further 30 minutes, our testers have reported to have burned an equivalent of over 1 hour of jogging or swimming. Most of the calories were burnt ‘passively’ with no effort at all, except for a relaxing time in the treatment booth surfing the net with an iPad or reading.

Almost all agree that this is the most relaxing way to get fit without any risk of injury or undue strain. Stay tuned for more.

Soft Launch – 14th January 2012

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We have worked extremely hard to get FITOLOGY ready to meet the world. If you are not doing anything this Saturday afternoon between 3 – 6pm, do drop by our spanking new facility for a visit. Our team is on stand-by to take you on a tour and will give you a better understanding of the entire FITOLOGY 360 process. Food and drinks will be served. See you then.


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  • Lee Choong Woh - 80yrs

    Feel alert and energetic after my first 360 session at Fitology. The exercise, FIR and massage has loosened up my leg, back and shoulder muscles. Even my eyesight is sharper!

  • Joanne Kay - 31

    Enjoyed my 2nd session today at Fitology! I feel damn good & burned maximum fat with the least amount of effort! Losing 15kg in 3mths is POSSIBLE!.

  • Joanne Kay - 31

    I love the 1 hour full body sports recovery massage!!! Its my treat today for burning 337kcal during my 30min personal trainer workout + 200kcal in the FIR. TOTAL= 537kcal burned today!