Four Reasons to Try Fitness Rx this year of the Monkey

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Four Reasons to Try Fitness Rx this year of the Monkey

Regardless of whether you are pondering your options, new to exercise or a seasoned gym-goer who needs a new injection of life to your routine – working with a personal trainer is one of the best ways to kick start your fitness regime. In fact, research shows that only two per cent of people who exercise actually achieve the results they desire without a personal trainer.

Still, for many, a PT-led fitness routine is heavy on the pocket. So what options are there?

Fitness Rx, Fitology’s prescription semi-private training workout is developed especially for those who are looking for a fun and interactive session with a Personal Trainer, without breaking the bank.

With our recently introduced Fitness Rx, members are assured of a workout experience that is big enough to deliver FUNctional training, yet small enough (maximum six to a class) to ensure that you get the one-on-one interaction you need from our Personal Trainers.IMG_4297

What’s more – you’ll never be bored with our power-packed bite-sized 30-minute sessions. In addition to all this, why else should you give Fitness Rx a try?

Each Fitness Rx class is specially designed to deliver:

  • DYNAMIC competitiveness
  • POSITIVE experience
  • A CHALLENGING environment that encourages BONDING with others
  • COMFORTING feel of being at home

Fitology is currently offering members the chance to trial small group training this month of February with free trial classes at  6:30 pm on Mondays to Fridays. Please ask our front deskers or call us at 03 2282 8698 for more details.

Seven Essential Movements in Personal Training

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By Errol Fung

Oftentimes when we think about exercise and going to the gym, we think classes, machines and free weights. Most gym-goers visit the gym to train aesthetics and work on a single muscle group. Common goals are to get bigger biceps, toned triceps and a bigger chest.

A major downside to training aesthetics, or what some call “vanity muscles”, is that this kind of training often does not help to increase your quality of life by making everyday activities easier.

On the flipside of aesthetic training is what the fitness industry calls functional training. This means, training your muscles to do what it’s supposed to do, and working more muscles in compound movements. In simpler terms, getting more results with less work.

There are seven primal movements that your body was made to do. These are:


The muscles involved in pushing are the triceps and chest. These are common vanity muscles for the ladies and gents alike.

What is it good for?

Toning fUntitledlabby arms, firming up the chest and provide some lifting effect. Time to perk up those babies, you hold the power girl!


Pulling is a very common everday movement. If you know how to push, you must know how to pull. Pulling works your legal guns (biceps. Just in case you didn’t know) and back muscles.

What is it good for?

These are fantastic for your posture from a long day behind the desk. It also works wonders for your confidence!


My oh my! Squats, squats and squats.. The squat should be staple to a workout as handbags, shoes and shades are to the Malaysian woman. Apart from working the thighs, think how amazing a round and firm butt would look in those tight designer jeans!

What is it good for?Pic 2

That Kim K. or the J. Lo look. Well, perhaps, not as bodacious but, you catch my drift.


A close partner to the squat, the lunge is another important movement that we need to master. In order to be fit and healthy, we need to be able to get up from the floor and stand with minimal limitations. This exercise helps the body to stay limber into our golden years. It also helps to kick up those hamstrings and force the cellulite away for a more toned look.

What is it good for? Maintaining movement and strength in the lower body and ensuring your thighs look as hot as your round firm butt!


This is one of the easiest and most natural of the seven movements. I have had clients who didn’t even know that they could twist! Our desk-bound existence has made us forget what its like to use our body. Twisting actively fires the core muscles and promotes our underlying physical stability.

What is it good for?

Maintaining balance when we are active, it also helps to tone your abs!


To bend may also mean to lift, and it is another fundamental movement that is used in our daily lives. When we bend, this helps us work that toned back that we all dream for, but beware how you bend it involves the integrity of our spine. Many a time, injuries like slipped discs or prolapsed discs happen due to a weak back or a bad bend form when lifting things.

What is it good for?

Preventing spine injuries and giving you a nice toned back!

pic 3Walking, running and jumping

How many steps do we take a day? 1000? 2000? More than 2000? It is estimated that the average desk jockey usually takes anywhere from 3000-6000 steps a day. The walking movement is critical as it is the most commonly used of all the movement patterns in our daily lives.

What is it good for?

Healthy and strong joints, to ensure that stay moving and pain free into your old age. It also keeps your cardiovascular system in check, helps burn fat and keeps you breathing right!


Do you have questions regarding any of the seven movements? Send us a message on our facebook page ( and we will get back to your questions as soon as we are able!


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What is Personal Training?

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 By Errol Fungshutterstock_50080249

To some, a personal trainer is a glorified repetition counter who tells their clients things that they already know. Others who have had the benefit of training with a certified and qualified personal trainer will tell you something different.

A certified personal trainer is someone who helps you identify your fitness related goals and takes you through the necessary steps to help you to achieve them.

Here are four top things that certified and experienced personal trainer can do to help you raise your game:

1. Identify Fitness Goals

A personal trainer sits down with you to set precise and detailed fitness goals. For example, we all have that 5 kilos that we want to lose but it has merely remained a desire and a new year’s resolution for the past 5 years. A fitness objective set with a trainer follow the SMART goal setting principles – geek-speak for Specific, Measureable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-sensitive targets. This way, these goals are real and, more importantly, achievable.

2. Identify Limitations

Most people have had experienced some sort of injury in their life, from commonplace injuries like a bad knee, or bad ankle, to more severe limitations like a slipped disc. Some situations are more complex – injuries are amplified by a medical condition, making it hard for the individual to exercise, but in order to get better, the individual must exercise. This is where a personal trainer comes in. We work with our clients to identify their limitations and structure a training program to help address these weak points as well as overcome them.

3. Form and Technique

Just like how a student graduates from his class to a college degree, exercise has the same requirements; one does not get fit by paying for a gym membership. Every exercise and movement in the gym requires basic know-hows in terms of form and technique. Watching a Youtube video to learn the exercise does not guarantee effectiveness and safety. Just as how every trainer will go back to being coached at some point, personal training is as important as a degree to professionals out there looking to get healthier and fitter.

4. Motivation!

Personal training is about getting that motivation and the extra push to work out! Let’s face it; we tend to lose motivation after a long and tiring day at work. In many cases, we tend to skip the turn off to the gym after a long day’s at work to go home instead (or to meet with friends for a drink).This usually means, a whole evening in surfing front of the computer, or in front of the TV, while munching on fries and drinking a coke. Having a personal trainer on your speed dial gives you that extra push to choose to work out after work, even though your energy levels are low and achieve what you had set out to do 5 years ago.

Next week: Keeping Fit and Injury Free…


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  • Lee Choong Woh - 80yrs

    Feel alert and energetic after my first 360 session at Fitology. The exercise, FIR and massage has loosened up my leg, back and shoulder muscles. Even my eyesight is sharper!

  • Joanne Kay - 31

    Enjoyed my 2nd session today at Fitology! I feel damn good & burned maximum fat with the least amount of effort! Losing 15kg in 3mths is POSSIBLE!.

  • Joanne Kay - 31

    I love the 1 hour full body sports recovery massage!!! Its my treat today for burning 337kcal during my 30min personal trainer workout + 200kcal in the FIR. TOTAL= 537kcal burned today!