You Burn Calories, We Give Calories

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We are excited to announce the formation of our long term Corporate Social Responsibility program designed to be a win for all in involved.

Calories for Calories

Exercise is usually a selfish activity. We exercise to burn calories to lose weight, to get fitter and healthier. We do it for ourselves. We aim to change all that with the introduction of our Calories for Calories campaign. Our unique Fitology fitness process is a proven effective calorie burner. Our members experience higher than average calorific burn through our combination of active and passive burn sequences, and we have decided to put all these used (access) calories to good use.

To make exercise in Fitology more meaningful, through the Calorie for Calorie initiative, we will convert all those burnt energy into real food products that will be given to the under privilege communities of Malaysia. The more you burn, the more we give.


100 members exercising twice a month, each burning an average of 30o calories per session will equal 240,000 calories loss.

240,000 calories is equal to:
68 kilograms of RICE or
2857 EGGS, or
358 litres of MILK, or
200 kilograms of CHICKEN.

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